Looking to add your home office, but just can't find
the space? Have a room that seems too small to
hold your home office?

At Techline Raleigh-Durham, our design
professionals can upfit the smallest space with
furniture that works! No matter what area of your
home, garage or laundry room, Techline works.

With an advanced AutoCAD system of blocks, our
designers will layout your space and provide you
with overhead and three-dimensional perspectives
of your space - all before you order!

techline - Functional. By design.
Techline Raleigh-Durham, Inc.
Post Office Box 612
West End, North Carolina 27376

AutoCAD Plan View - Office Wall
Office Wall Finished Product
AutoCAD 3D View - Office Wall
Executive Office Finished Product
AutoCAD Plan View - Executive Office
AutoCAD 3D View - Executive Office
Multiple Workstations Finished Product
AutoCAD 3D View - Multiple Workstations
AutoCAD Plan View - Multiple Workstations
Download and print the "Setting Up Your Office" brochure to learn more about designing your space.
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