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Techline Architectural Casework in Antique White Laminate, Custom Countertops also by Techline
Techline Architectural Casework in Fine Oak Laminate, Custom Countertops also by Techline
More than fourty years ago, Marshall Erdman and
Associates - specialists in the design and
construction of medical facilities - created the
Techline brand of cabinetry. Now used in over 3000
medical buildings across the country, Techline is a
flexible and comprehensive system appropriate for
every area of medical facilities.

Techline is designed to endure constant use and last
a lifetime, in new construction and retro-fittings!
Techline Advantages

* Unlike custom millwork, Techline's modularity allows for future expansion or relocation - perfect for today's dynamic facility.

* High-pressure laminate and ChemSurf surfaces in simple, timeless colors are attractive, durable and easy to maintain.

* Techline's flexible system works in all areas of your facility, from reception areas to laboratories and exam rooms to offices.
Techline Custom Architectural Casework in American Cherry Laminate with Kensington Maple Accents
* Quality Accuride drawer slides and Blum hinges open and close
with precision through a lifetime of use.

* Order other essential accessories, inlcuding seating and
furnishings integral to your healthcare facility.

* With multiple storage options and expansive worksurfaces, the
reception area becomes a productive working environment.

* Modularity allows you to change or add cabinets to adapt to
constant changing needs.

* Techline has a classic styling that will always be available and
will never look out of date.

* Techline's Custom Panel capabilities allow you to create the
perfect combination of function and style.

* Ask your builder or architect to specify Techline - specialists in
medical casework and cabinetry.

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